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2018/05/17 - A small news update.
Hey everyone!

I'm just doing a small news update because it has been quite a while since I have done so.

First off I've recently been taken on board by the Eco Moderator team to provide tech support for those with game/server related issues.

Furthermore, I've recently released two mods for Eco which are both available on mod.io (See Electric Versions and VoteRewards) both written in C# and available for download.

Hopefully, soon I will get on with fixing the "Projects" page on this website so that I can include these projects on the list.

Also got another article on its way for GrownGamers.com not sure when that will be done.

I know I have not been releasing any youtube videos as of late but since youtube isn't paying me anymore I have been working hard on gaining income elsewhere.

Once things settle down a bit new videos will be coming on. I've also talked with some other YouTubers about doing some collabs so keep an eye on it. Hopefully, it will happen.

2017/09/18 - Madness & mess
Hey, you!

It has been a while since I have written to all of you in the form of a news post.
"So what has been up with you DeathTech?" I hear you ask.

Well. First off my pc imploded requiring an unhealthy amount of disassembly and later on reassembly as my pc decided to terminate operations early.
So I had to take it apart clean everything out and then reapply the thermal paste onto my processor chip.

No idea how long it will hold but for the moment it seems to have done the job.

Furthermore, I was busy working hard on a csgo funny moments montage of about 10 minutes long which will be uploaded at some point shortly.
Hopefully, you will all enjoy that when it gets released.

I've also been playing a ridiculous amount of time playing csgo so I need to clear that footage before I can record any Stardew Valley which is sad.
But I suppose also quite needed at this point, I definitely need more space to store all my old videos on.
I will probably end up using my backup drive to store all of that goodness.

Many works had been completed on the website but as per usual it sometimes suffers horrendous downtime at times.
And I am very unconfident in the possibility of moving it to another server so sadly it will have continue going on like that until I can find a more permanent home for it.

As per old recommendation, I believe it will soon be time to revive my old thought of setting up Patreon for myself as people still on occasion ask where they can donate to keep things going. For that purpose, I will work on getting it back on track.

Let us just pray that nothing else breaks. And DeathTech will try his best to keep things going.

2017/09/10 - Changes to the content you watch.
Hey, you!

Welcome back to DeathTech has incredibly long news posts.
In today's news article we are talking about my current thoughts to change my youtube content.

To put things very simple. My videos are very long, IMHO kind of boring and unloved.
I make youtube videos because I enjoy playing the games and it gives me the drive to continue playing them to the very end.
But obviously, most of you find that showing every tiny little detail and action in the game is tedious and boring to watch for 20 minutes on end.

Because of this (unless you guys prove me wrong by telling me the content is good as it is.) I will be doing some crucial style changes and video template changes in order to appeal to a smaller audience.

Don't get me wrong, I love each and every one of my 90 dedicated subscribers.
But I need to change the audience. Again don't worry you are all welcome to stay, I am talking about the "Target Audience".

See before I have gotten too used and happy with the adoptive approach of "Build it and they will come.".
It is true that the first step to building a community is to actually go forth and make the structure.
And now that we are approaching 100 subs (or more accurately hovering 90 subs) I want to specify my target audience more.
As well as build videos specifically to target certain people.

So what does this mean for you?
Well if you are a fan of the "Septerra Core" and "Dishonored" series that I am making. Not much.
For those I will be changing the main title format, moving to a more widely accepted and loved format for walkthroughs and playthroughs.
It will remain for those who enjoy the story element or just to watch the whole game.

For those who enjoy "Stardew Valley" however there are major changes coming your way.
First off I am going to stop showing the whole day and restrict my videos to in-game projects, funny moments, interesting events, in-game festivals and so on. Basically "Stardew Valley" will have a format change to reflect the currently accepted format for lets plays. (It is different to walkthroughs.)

I will also be doing my best to start a new series revolving around funny moments / funny random gameplay videos.
Those will share many traits with the new changes to "Stardew Valley" and similar content.
Hopefully, you guys will enjoy the funny moments and random gameplay as I will attempt to make them as funny as I can.
To be honest I don't consider myself very funny without physical expressions as I have never really possessed much vocal wit.

So I hope you guys will enjoy the content changes on youtube.
If you do not like the changes please feel free to get in contact (info in the contact us page).

Just remember that our website www.deathtech.tk hosted by myself DeathTech will continue to provide easier search patterns through my content system so hopefully, you guys will never get lost and confused wondering where to find more of my content.

Thank you all for your undying support.
You are all the reason why I continue working on this.
I hope you all enjoy the changes.

Many thanks,

2017/09/06 - Making progress, LOADS OF IT!
Hey, you!

Thought you could just swing by and not get informed about the MANY changes that I am implementing on the website for you?
Well, you would be dead wrong. Because as we all recently became aware I need to have more content.

That means more blog posts, more info articles in the blog section.
And of course a nice low down of all the progress I've been making in the last 48 hours.

Let's start with some adherence to things Google might like and other search engines of course.

I started off our new barrage of updates by adding a U.S. oriented privacy policy so that everyone knows how private they are going to be.
As I do not store any data regarding you, the viewer of this page, that all should be pretty good either way I'm adding it.

Further, I went mad and added a contact us page as well as an about us page. Because I thought more information about me as a person would help you, the viewers and members of our little community help understand where I am coming from in the general perspective of things.
And well, the contact us page will give you the ability to contact me as I feel anyone who really wants to talk to me should have the opportunity to.
(Unless you make abuse of it, then I will just block or ignore the **** out of things.)

Furthermore, I added a schedule page where you guys can keep informed what my youtube upload schedule looks like, as well as any other types of schedules I will have or just simply any special events. That way all of you know when a new video should be getting released.

I'm also working on making the website way more user and Google friendly.
Therefore I have added some rather obvious "Visit Page" buttons in the content hub so no one can possibly be confused and fail to figure out how to find the content from the content hub page.

Hopefully, all of these changes so far are agreeable, understandable and useful. I also decided to make those visit page buttons nice and red. Just so you all know, DeathTech knows how to add buttons.

I've also reverted my decision to subscript all my blog posts and page names as "DeeTee" because Google doesn't understand that concept.
It prefers if every page has "DeathTech" plastered all over it so it definitely understands my page is about DeathTech.
So now you have been caught up on progress.

Even as I write I am working on doing more changes that will benefit you and me greatly.
Many thanks for supporting me and your viewership,

2017/09/04 - Status update!
Hey, everyone!

I am just writing this blog post in order to let you all know what has been going on recently in my life with all of our favorite content and works in progress.

Sometimes its hard to pick a place to start when so many things happened but I will try my best.

So let's first talk about the youtube troubles I've been having.
To put things simple I have been having a hard time recording video's recently due to the heat cranking up my fans to 20, not to mention some new neighbors moved in recently and their children tend to roam around outside shouting and screaming.

This makes it difficult to actually filter out of audio and damn near impossible to actually focus on tasks at hand.

It also nicely Segways into the next problem I've had recently which is my schedule.
As you all know my old schedule has been a bit weird and very rigid allowing for no deviation which meant if I had to deviate chances are that nothing got done. But at least back then I had a nice stable supply of backup videos prepared in case I couldn't make it.

Since I've got back from my last holiday I have been unable to get any backup video's ready and the schedule has fully died off with little hope of recovery.
This also means I barely got video's out and have been all over the place.

This brings me to my final couple of points.

I actually managed to get a chance to try some new stuff as you guys have seen on youtube.
There was a commenter request to do a top 10 list.
I also wrote an article for a video game article website that I took interest in as they were kind enough to give me a chance.
Many attempts were made to get back into my old schedule which just seems too obsolete to use.
Today I even received word from google I failed to qualify to have my own website advertised on because of insufficient content.

And after all that I also didn't get a job and am in the process of signing up to volunteer at a charity shop.
So as we can see I have a lot of things going on at the moment, and I know what you are thinking.

Yo! DT! What has this got to do with us? It sounds like you are just being a whiny baby venting at the internet!

And that brings me to my final point.
The need to change!

I am working on a new schedule, one that I will share parts with all of you to have regular content releases.
With that, I am also going to be doing more articles and more blog posts for this very site and the previously mentioned website (link below).
And very soon I will be re-applying for that advertisement of my website with Adsense, not because I want to plaster ads everywhere.

But because I want to put some ads, on some very specialized pages.
Although totally nothing invasive.

My point is that things are changing and I will be changing with them.
Hopefully, you will all see these as positive changes and I hope that you will all be cheering me on.
And as discovery in this day and age gets more and more difficult I hope you will all consider subscribing, becoming followers or simply retweeting the occasional tweets I post.

Mainly because doing those things help me greatly, and I send out warm thanks to everyone who has been supporting me thus far.

Many thanks to all my followers, viewers, commenters and friends for all your support over the years.

Link to gaming article website: growngaming.com
Link to my article: Are pre-orders still worth it?

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