About us
So you would like to know more about who we are.
"We, us, me" refers to the internet personality known as "DeathTech".

I produce content for the internet mainly in the form of Youtube videos, video game mods and more.
With some recent additions being video game related articles and video game reviews.

There is also the occasional tutorial that I produce and conveniently for you, all this content can be found on this very website.
That is the very premise of this website.

If you aren't interested in my content then you shouldn't be here.
But you already knew that.

I enjoy the following types of games frequently, though am not limited to this list as I like many different variations of games.
Game Genre's I like:
Shooters, Strategy, Story Based, Flight Simulation, 4X, Sandbox, Clicker Games and many more.

For some further information about me, keep reading.

My online debut began a good 13 years ago (at the time of writing) in 1998 when playing Half-life and Counter-Strike for the very first time.
Bouncing through many usernames until settling upon "Darkbanisher".
Under my old username Darkbanisher I played many games most popularly World of Warcraft and Counter-Strike.

I later went on to pick a new username for my global endeavors and re-emerged as "DeathTech" on the 22 of December 2003 I made it my permanent username.
Throughout the years I have gone on to use this username on many websites although it is often copied by inspiration deprived individuals who can do no better than to copy.

Playing many more games and starting up a new youtube channel eventually settling with the name DeathTechDB (DB standing for DataBase).
I started out with a game called Bastion uploading it in parts of about 15 - 20 minutes.
And at the same time I also started Live-Streaming, something I would end up doing for 12 hours a day over two years.

Making no headway on the live streaming I decided to focus my efforts on programming and youtubing and haven't stopped since.
I have released at current count over 200 youtube videos and will continue to do so.
Just as I have also kept busy learning programming and becoming capable with Python, PHP, HTML, Lua, Javascript, ...

After over 12 years I decided to build this website as a project to provide all of my content across the internet to all of you.
By simply creating one unified place where all the content will become available.
The project still has much over-time improving to be done and loads of content to be added.

But in the meantime I have put it up for experimentation and community spirit so you can all congregate around this website.
And hopefully it will help you all keep in touch over social media by following me there until I can add a proper forum or something similar.
Perhaps just add a comment system who knows.

I thank you all for reading and hope to see you in the next video.
DeathTech - about-us