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2017/07/12 - Slowly building up the content library.
Hey guys!

Not going to be doing much work on the website itself atm.
I am going to particularly focus on filling in all of the content to the "Content Hub".

So expect it to once every couple of days obtain about 5 new videos.
If you are new to our site feel free to browse the content section and take a trip through DT Memory lane.
As I fill it up slowly with all the videos I have made over the past couple of years.

2017/07/05-b - A new experimental website!
Hey guys,

Welcome to the new look of the website.
Hopefully you guys like it just like the test groups that I checked with.

Content is still absent and projects / survey are simple copies but hopefully as we work on the website our project will continue to improve.

Let me know what you guys think.
Remember the contact e-mail is "contact@deathtech.tk".

Hopefully this website will soon be way better than the original.

2017/07/05 - Newsposts Transferred!
Finally managed to transfer all the news posts from base website to my current experimental.

Feels great guys! Not going to lie. It was a challenge to get to this point.
At the same time I finally took some time to spell check all my posts I scribbled down in the spare minutes I had over the two years working on this project.

Its just so much better. :3
Now just to update and import ALL MY VIDEOS. Hehehe that will be fun to try.

Probably is going to take me a day or two.

2017/06/01 -
Hey everyone!

Time for a status update.

As my birthday approaches I am getting prepped for vacation as well.
Hopefully I will get to prepare all the videos for you guys and get the new website experimental
fully up and running.

Oh and today I piloted an aeroplane, one of my childhood dreams realised so YAY!!!!
It was great fun. And I am definitely thinking of doing that more often if it becomes...

More viable in the future. (Planes are expensive.)
Any ways that's all I thought to share today.

Sadly as I was out of town yesterday and today it also means no video today.

2017/05/23 -
Hey everyone!

Time for a status update.
I am mostly recovered from my illness except for perhaps my cough which is mostly gone at the moment.
Considering my situation does not appear to change for the foreseeable future.
I will be able to resume making youtube videos and doing livestreams.

For those who have noticed I have build an addition to the website called "Survey".
This will allow you guys to help me to get to know you guys better.
And through the survey I will be able to tailor my content better to what you as an audience would like to see.

So if you have a spare 5 minutes at some point. Please go fill out the survey and I will be able to make use of it.
Thanks guys! See you in the next video!

Oh and PS. I am playing Minecraft again.

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