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Survey by DeathTech

Welcome to my survey page please fill these in as best you can.
And as honnest as possible.
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Discovery Username (You do not need an account, its just for refference.)

How did you discover my channel?
Prefferences What is your favourite content by DeeTee? (Can only pick 1)
Tutorials Lets Play Videos Any Livestream
Random Videos Giveaways Livestream on twitch
Livestream on Youtube Any Videos Other

What content that DeeTee Produces do you enjoy / find usefull?
The second row of blanks can be used to rank the entries from most favourite to least. Doing so is optional but it would help a great deal if you did.
Do you like tutorials?
Do you like lets plays?
Do you like livestreams?
Do you like reviews?
Do you like vlogs?
Do you like giveaways?
Do you like game mods?
Do you like projects?
Do you like our website?

What video series do you enjoy the most?

What game do you enjoy the most for watching on stream? (If you select other please fill in custom game name in the field.)

What games would you like DeeTee to play?
Suggestion A:

Suggestion B:

Suggestion C:

Recommendation & Sharing Would you recommend my channel to friends?

What would it take for you to recommend my channel or share a video?
Personality Please rate the following answers from "Strongly Agree" to "Strongly Disagree"
I enjoy watching story based games.
I am entertained when the host gets scared.
I dislike it when the host is only entertaining themselves.
I perfer to lurk on streams rather than actively engage in chat.
I enjoy when the host interacts with me through the video.
I enjoy when the host interacts with me through the stream.
I prefer calm relaxing games to scary situations.
Games with a great story are prefered even if that means there is little action / combat.
Roleplay games are cool.
I would rather play with the host in the game than watch them play.
If given the option I would donate to keep things going.
Interactivity & Promotions Would you be willing to be more interactive in the comment section of videos and / or the stream chat,
if it meant higher chances of winning in my free game giveaways?

Which of the following interactions would you take enjoyment or pride in?
Have an item named after you?
Having a character named after you?
Have a contraption of your design within my game?
Usage of a mod you made?
Being thanked for suggesting to play the game that I am streaming or lets playing?
Mentioning / showing one of your tweets?
Reacting to one of your comments in video?
Me playing one of your game suggestions?
Me playing a game you've donated to me?
Being thanked for your support?
Hearing how I've spend your donations on the channel?

Would you like to be kept up to date with any promotions or news through e-mail?

If yes on the previous question please provide your e-mail address so I can keep you up to date.

DeathTech - survey